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Product Drawings - Outdoor


Fire / Water FeaturesFire / Water Features

1Evo 360 EnclosureEvo 360 Enclosure1.12 MB
2Evolution360Evolution360213.51 KB
3H2OnfireH2Onfire424 KB

Remote Electronic IgnitionRemote Electronic Ignition

1EI Linear InterlinkEI Linear Interlink150.58 KB
2EI Linear TroughEI Linear Trough146.97 KB
3EI Rectangle HEI Rectangle H153.68 KB
4EI Round BowlEI Round Bowl170.36 KB
5EI Round FlatEI Round Flat198.02 KB
6EI S-FireEI S-Fire156.3 KB
7EI Square BowlEI Square Bowl166.85 KB
8EI Square FlatEI Square Flat184.64 KB

Push Button / Flame SensePush Button / Flame Sense

Certified Match LitCertified Match Lit

Copper Fire Bowls, Copper Fire and Water Bowls - PoolsideCopper Fire Bowls, Copper Fire and Water Bowls - Poolside

1MesaMesa273.12 KB
2Phoenix H-Burner and S-FirePhoenix H-Burner and S-Fire312.23 KB
3Phoenix Linear TroughPhoenix Linear Trough807.52 KB
4SedonaSedona395.6 KB
5SierraSierra411.33 KB
6TempeTempe493.85 KB

Ready-to-Finish EnclosuresReady-to-Finish Enclosures

TK TorchesTK Torches

1TK Cut SheetTK Cut Sheet121.85 KB

Discontinued ModelsDiscontinued Models

1HWI Linear PanHWI Linear Pan102.65 KB
2HWI Linear TroughHWI Linear Trough77.97 KB
3HWI Rectangle HHWI Rectangle H112.38 KB
4HWI Round BowlHWI Round Bowl118.46 KB
5HWI Round FlatHWI Round Flat120.81 KB
6HWI Square FlatHWI Square Flat130.75 KB



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