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Installation and Safety

Periodically we receive a call or have a product returned from a fire pit installation, that a gas leak is mentioned. We take this very seriously. If you suspect a leak, shut off the safety valve to the appliance and do not use the appliance until a certified professional has given the all clear.

We suggest that our products be installed by professionals that are locally licensed by the authority having jurisdiction in gas piping. We suggest that our products be serviced annually by a professional certified in the US by the National Fireplace Institute (NFI) as NFI Gas Specialists or in Canada by WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer) .

We occasionally find a loose flex line connection or improper installation of fittings at the gas input of the fire pit insert. NEVER use thread sealant, compound (pipe dope) of any kind or Teflon tape to a flared surface or fitting.Flare joints or connections rely on a tight fit to seal and do not require additional pipe dope.  During installation remember to apply pipe thread sealant or gas-rated Teflon tape to tapered pipe threaded connections before assembling them.

After all the connections have been made…ALWAYS use a leak test solution and check all connections.

The Installer should follow all manufactures instructions carefully to ensure safety and proper performance. When in doubt please call one of our NFI certified technicians.

Gas Fire Pit Enclosure Ventilation
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