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Flexible Fire Pits - FPPK and MLFPK

April 18th, 2016

The gas fire pit insert concept gives you the true flexibility to design the size, shape and feel of your own fire pit with ease and simplicity of using gas - no more stocking or carrying wood…and that smell of smoke - gone! Imagine your own creative and unique design as the focal point to your backyard - with the performance and safety technology of HPC. Our certified inserts offer the flexibility of three flame controls - Remote Control, Push Button / Flame Sense and Match Lit. For quick design ideas see our Fire Pit Selector tool or “Basics to Building Your Outdoor Fire Pit” page.

Push Button - Flame Sense

Penta31FPPK Flex copy

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HPC understands not all outdoor areas will have power supplied for the ease and safety of electronic ignition use- but flame sensing in your area may be required by code or you just prefer that peace of mind. The certified Push Button / Flame Sensing line allows both the convenience of push-button ignition with the safety of flame sensing. Lighting the fire is as simple as pushing a button- flame height is fully adjustable via control knob. If the flame blows out the system safely turns off gas.

Certified Match Lit

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HPC has over forty years in the hearth industry- that experience has taught us that not all fire pit applications require electronics or flame sensing. Or maybe less maintenance is top priority. Our certified Match Lit Fire Pit series is constructed of robust #304 stainless steel, manual valve control allowing full flame adjustment.

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