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Fireplace Wall Thermostats / Timers

Wall Thermostats / Timers

We supply fireplace wall thermostats that come in two specific styles. We have thermostat controls which will kick your gas fireplace on if the room drops below your desired temperature which makes the room as cozy as you wish. The other style is a wall switch style, these are used to set when the fireplace will turn on and shut off and come in 2 models. The timer model allows you to set how long the gas fireplace stays on, when the timer counts down to zero it conveniently shuts off the fireplace.  The second style is a wall switch with a simple on off function just like a light in a house.

Sub Categories

MTK wall thermostat
These fireplace accessories are made to keep the room at an even temperature. They control your fireplace by turning it on and off to hold...
swtk Fireplace Wall Control
Timers are a safe and effective indoor fireplace controls. Just turn the knob to the desired time such as one hour or two hours and the gas fireplace...
Indoor fireplace thermostat replacement components such as receiver mounts and heat shield to keep the fireplace running like it should.
on-off switch for gas fireplaces
On-Off switches make a great fireplace accessory, they allow the indoor gas fireplace to start up and shut off at the push of a button.
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