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Side Gas Inlet – 72PKNQM & 72PKN

“Quick Mount” 3" swivel flare connector version for easy connection to fire place burner. Uses Copreci 300°, 90K Btu side inlet valve. For natural gas applications with gas log sets having either 3/8” female thread, 3/8” male thread, or 1/2” male thread on end of the burner tube, 90k Btu. For LP applications use 70LPK-QM conversion kit.

Kit Includes

  • Copreci Safety Pilot Valve (#110): Side Gas Inlet, 90k Btu, 300° Rating
  • 18” Pilot Assembly with mounting bracket
  • 3” Swivel Flare Connector for easy valve / burner connection
  • Heat Shield for valve
  • Black control knob with 4” stem extension
  • Assorted fittings for various burner threads
Quick Mount Natural Gas Safety Pilot Kit

Same as 72PKNQM but without ‘Quick Mount’ swivel connector

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