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Indoor Fireplace Remote Control Kits

Remote Control Kits - Indoor Fireplace

We offer a broad line of Remote Controls for your gas fireplace- including simple On / Off models, Thermostatic Control models with timer and a flame modulation series. Our receivers located in fireplace offer 120vac models if changing the batteries not desired or the popular battery operated receiver to deliver heat in event of power outage.


  • Backlit LCD screen showing temp, commands
  • On/Off, Thermostatic, and Modulating models available
  • Receiver power: 120vac or battery models
  • Child Proof lock
  • Insulated heat shield for receiver
  • Self-mating handheld / receiver.
  • 5 year warranty

Sub Categories

If the changing of batteries is not desired, our remote control receivers located in the fireplace are available in 120vac models....
Our most popular series is the battery operated remote control receiver- delivers heat in event of a power outage. We offer a broad...
Indoor Fireplace Remote Control Kits
These fireplace remote controls are designed to work with flame modulating valves. You can control the on / off and the high/low...
These fireplace remotes are specifically designed for use in areas where there is heavy, high powered R/F interference or to prevent...
logo program
Here you can find our Logo program where we will print your company logo on the remotes before we send them to you and fireplace...
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