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Gas Fireplace Millivolt Valve Kits / Repair

Millivolt Valve Kits / Repair

The millivolt valve provides a safe shutdown in the event of an interruption in the gas supply or flameout. Offering the convenience of wall switch or remote control in conjunction with a standing pilot provides a safe means of lighting the main burner. The flame height is remotely adjustable on some models as well as used to start up and shutdown the main burner. HPC offers numerous kit configurations providing install flexibility and convenient use.
Benefits: Remote Control or Wall Switch capability, flame height control models, Manual or Thermostatic response, Flame Sensed, Simple main burner ignition.


  • Remote Control capability (See Remote Control Kits for options)
  • Flame sensing for safety
  • Main Burner Ignition- standing pilot flame
  • Models featuring remote flame modulation available
  • Various valve gas inlet locations for flexibility
  • Fittings included to attach to any burner
  • Natural Gas & Liquid Propane kits available
  • Includes insulated heat shield for valve protection
  • 5 year warranty

Sub Categories

Complete milivolt kits include everything you need to install in one convenient box. It has everything for the specified kit will...

Replacement valves for indoor fireplaces with a millivolt system.

Millivolt Pilot Assemblies

These indoor fireplace pilot assembly repair parts are components for millivolt system fireplaces.

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