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Gas Fireplace Electronic Ignition Valve Kits / Repair

Electronic Ignition Valve Kits / Repair

Being our most requested fireplace design, these fireplace burner controls are the latest in technology- offering remote electronic ignition of your fireplace and the safety feature of flame sensing. The pilot technology used in these kits is intermittent pilot ignition (IPI) meaning the pilot flame is “on” only when fireplace is “on”, reducing gas usage thus saving you money. This is better than standing pilot models that require the pilot flame “on” even when the fireplace is “off”. Capability of remote control operation or wall switch; 120vac or battery operated kits available.


  • Remote Control capability (See Remote Control Kits for options)
  • Main Burner Ignition- IPI ignition (no standing pilot)- pilot “on” only when main burner “on”
  • Flame sensing for safety
  • Models featuring remote flame modulation available
  • 120vac and battery operated kits available
  • Various valve gas inlet locations for flexibility
  • Fittings included to attach to any burner
  • Natural Gas & Liquid Propane kits available
  • Includes insulated heat shield for valve protection
  • 5 year warranty

Sub Categories

Fully complete kits for any installation or repair of an indoor fireplace electronic ignition. These kits have everything you need...
350 EI Valve
Components and parts for repair of electronic ignition fireplace. We have what you need for indoor gas fireplace repair parts including...
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