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This is a new venture for HPC. We were looking for another avenue to get information out to our dealers and distributors. Whether it is technical, catalog updates or some information you may just find useful.

Is your Patio Smart?

Homes today are more convenient than ever. There are fridges that allow you to see what is in them while you are at the store, just in case you forgot something. Your lights can be controlled by your phone or voice; timers can be set to turn them on while you are on vacation. Your pool will soon be able to self-diagnose via testing and recommend the products that should be applied. Even cars can self-park and drive themselves! So why not fire pits?

With new technology your fire pit can be hooked to you phone. This means you can run multiple fire pits on one device allowing for not only on/off as the only choice but high/low settings. This allows the exact feeling you are looking for on your patio to be achieved or the correct focal point to be anywhere you would like using the flame height's to achieve this. This also means that the fire pits self-diagnose themselves if there are any issues at all.

On the new EI Series we went back to the drawing boards scrutinizing our prior electronic ignition model. We looked at every aspect of the fire pit and thought about ease to end user, the maintenance crews and the installers and made changes as they were discovered.

Looking at how far this innovative and inspired fire pit had come we knew the traditional controls will work but could they be better? What if someone were in the middle of a romantic evening, what if they were relaxing in the pool, what if getting up and looking for remotes or flipping on switches would inconvenience them? So we built a custom app that allows the control of as many fire pits as is desired from one device via Bluetooth. We took into consideration"line of sight", no one wants to accidentally roast one of the neighborhood cats. This is why we chose Bluetooth over Wi-Fi. The fire pits on the app can be individually named, they can be set to a timer to stop as well as the flame height can be controlled by the push of a button on your phone or tablet.

HPC is thrilled to announce the fire pit you, our customers inspired us to make.The brand new EI series with smart device app control for your convenience.

Available on iOS and Android.

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