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This is a new venture for HPC. We were looking for another avenue to get information out to our dealers and distributors. Whether it is technical, catalog updates or some information you may just find useful.

Webinar - Safety of the Electronic Ignition, Push button and Match Lit Fire Pits

Fire Inspired™ Webinar Series

SAFETY Features:

Electronic Ignition (EI), Electronic Ignition with Hi/Lo (EI Hi/Lo), Manual Ignition with Safety Pilot (FPPK), Match-Lit (MLFPK)

REMINDER – HPC's Commitment to safety is second to none!!!

Why HPC? 

  • Choosing HPC gets you the benefit of the most innovative and SAFEST products on the market 

  • Over 400+ CSA Certified products •Full team of NFI Certified technicians here to support your design, install, and troubleshoot any issues you might have

REMINDER - CSA Certifications

Current CSAFire Pit Inserts, that have met standard :

ANSI Z21.97 / CSA 2.41-2014 – Outdoor Decorative Gas Appliance for U.S. and Canada.

–EI Series (Electronic Ignition Inserts) 

–HWI Series (Electronic Ignition Inserts) 

–FPPK FLEX Series (Manual Spark Ignition Inserts) 

–MLFPK FLEX Series (Match Lit Inserts) 

–Evolution 360 & H2Onfire Water Pit Series 

www.csagroup.org for more info on Certification Marks and Labels, codes & standards

HPC - CSA Product Selection Fire Pit Inserts

 •Match Lit Kits (MLFPK) 

•Limited BTU/Sizing (65K Max) 

•Check Local Codes (No Flame Sensing) 

•Manual / Battery Spark Ignition (FPPK) 

•Flame Sensing (Safety Pilot) 

•140K BTU Max. 

•Electronic Ignition (EI) 

•Up To 400K BTU 

•Models: On/Off & Hi/Lo 

Ignition & Flame Sense

•How do you want to light, or turn on, your gas fire pit. (3) different ignition types:

•Match Lit (MLFPK) Simplest, basic system, no power required. Control the gas shut-off valve manually with a key or ball valve, allowing gas to flow to burner, and then lighting burner manually with a match or a lighter. Upon shut-off, you would simply close the gas valve to extinguish the flame. (No flame sense) 

•Push Button / Flame Sense Ignition (FPPK) Ease of Manual push button spark igniter, lights pilot, flame / burner control. Battery control, flame sense, shuts gas off if flame blows out. No electric outlet required. (No Remote) 

•Electronic Ignition (EI) Control with 120vac or 24vac, by wall switch or remote. 120VAC will require GFCI outlet at enclosure. Flame sense, auto relight. New models – On/Off or Hi/Lo

Flexible Match Lit (MLFPK)

Safety Features

•CSA certified manual technology up to 65K BTU 
•Fully assembled #304 stainless steel pan and burner with Dante decorative key valve 
•Flame height adjustable with valve key 
•36" Whistle-free, stainless steel flex line 
•Stabilizing mounting bracket 
•Additional accessory – Gas Line Timer

Push Button Flame Sense (FPPK)

Safety Features

•Perfect for fire pits without electricity 

•Fully assembled #304 stainless steel pan and burner, FPPK-HC Control Box 

•Flame sensing – pilot blows out, gas shuts off 

•Spark ignition – manual push button spark (AA battery) 

•Standing pilot with thermocouple, safety pilot valve 

•Flame height adjustable with valve control knob 

•Blowout box protects from wind and rain, properly vented 

•CSA certified manual technology up to 140K BTU 

•36" Whistle-free, stainless steel flex line

Electronic Ignition (EI)

Safety Features

•Fully Assembled- ready to install.

•Start via wall switch, remote or whole house system; Auto re-light if flame is lost.

•New Hot Surface Igniter- More robust, reliable

•On/Off models: Use with optional wall switch or Remote Control available.

•High/Low Flame Control Models: Adjust high setting to low setting- ~45% turndown (Remote Control included).

Electronic Ignition (EI)

Safety Features

•120vac / Optional 24vac

•Natural Gas or Liquid Propane

•Internal temperature monitoring with overheat auto shutoff

•CSA Certified in US & Canada to ANSI Z21.97-2014 / CSA 2.41-2014 requirements. (This new EI system already meets upcoming 2020 ANSI requirements)

EI - Sequence of Operations

Initial Start-up: Several "on/off" cycles may be necessary to purge air in gas lines after system installation. Fire pit will lockout after 15 attempts to light pilot; Please power OFF then ON to restart

1.The hot surface igniter will be powered (glow Red) for 5 seconds before pilot valve opens. 

2.The igniter will only be powered the initial 15 seconds of the 30 second cycle. This sequence will repeat up to 15 times (~15 minutes) before going into lockout. To reset, turn "OFF" power, then back "ON" again. 

3.Pilot flame will ignite and heat thermocouple – it may take 30 seconds at times for thermocouple to get hot. If thermocouple is not hot in 60 seconds, system will shutdown, then go back to step 1. 

4.Once thermocouple is hot, main valve will open allowing pilot to ignite main burner. 

5.If pilot flame is blown out at any time, system will shutdown, then automatically restart (Step 1)

What Makes HPC Fire Pits Safe/Unique?

Our Blowout Box Protects from Wind and Rain.Innovation is our every day at HPC. That's why we've created an ignition / sensing Blowout Box that keeps the fire burning, whatever the weather. Eliminating the nuisance of a blown-out fire, the box's uniquely designed vents are engineered to provide better combustion. It's available on our patented Penta Burner insert, which offers a taller, fuller, edge-to-edge center flame that uses less fuel.

Safety - Location & Planning Is Everything

•If your fire feature is an afterthought there is an increased chance that there will be issues. 
Selecting the best product to suit the customer's needs. 
•Understand the installation instructions. 
•Clearances, ventilation requirements and drainage. 
•Capable installers used that are familiar with the product. 
•Ensure the user is trained how to properly and safely operate the feature. 
•Strongly encourage covering the product to prolong life and reduce maintenance. 
•Ensure a Safe installation 
•Follow up to make sure everything is going well = SUCCESS 
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