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Tech Talks - Spring Fire Pit Maintenance

Winter is winding down, temperatures are warming up and too many of us are excited to get back to our backyard oasis. Let's talk about spring fire pit maintenance and firing up the fire feature that you "winterized" last fall.

HPC Fire Inspired™ offers a wide range of assembled certified appliances. With each equipment line there are some simple care and maintenance procedures that should be followed to ensure proper operation and longevity of your fire feature.


  • Perform visual inspection of the fire pit burner and pilot assembly. This may involve removing the media.
  • Ensure there are no cracks in the fire pit burner and the pilot assembly (igniter/hood/thermocouple) are in good shape and have no signs of damage.
  • Ensure the fire pit ventilation openings on the enclosure are not covered with leaves and debris.
  • Turn the circuit breaker on and apply power to unit (gas line should still be closed) to verify that igniter is working properly. The fire pit igniter should glow even with the gas turned off.
  • Now would be a good time give the media a wash in warm mild soapy water then return the media to the pan.
  • Reconnect the unit to the gas line and open the service valve on the gas line.
  • Apply power and fire up the unit. May take a few cycles to bleed gas line.


  • Remove the fire pit media and perform visual inspection of burner and pilot assembly. Ensure there are no cracks in burner and pilot assembly is not visibly damaged.
  • Install battery into spark module and push the igniter button in to ensure the igniter has good spark.
  • Inspect the fire pit enclosure ventilation openings and clear them of debris.
  • Turn the gas line on and fire up the fire pit unit. May take a few cycles to bleed the gas line.


  • Remove media and inspect the fire pit burner for cracks and clean debris from pan
  • Inspect ventilation openings and ensure they clear of leaves and debris.
  • Turn gas line on and fire up the unit.

The spring maintenance should take very little time but is critical to the operation of the equipment. If for any reason the equipment is not operating correctly Please call HPC Fired Inspired™ tech line 877-4332-7001 to talk to one of our NFI certified professional to help with the service of you appliance.

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