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This is a new venture for HPC. We were looking for another avenue to get information out to our dealers and distributors. Whether it is technical, catalog updates or some information you may just find useful.

Tech Talks - Indoor Ignition Kits and Replacement Components

Indoor Ignition Kits

In this week's tech talk, we like to introduce you to HPC Fire Inspired Indoor product line. Whether you are converting a solid fuel fireplace, adding a log set or just looking to replace your ignition system or components, HPC Fire Inspired Indoor products have what you need.

Below is a simple guideline to HPC indoor ignition kits, and remotes

Click to see all Safety Pilot Kits
  • Safety Pilot Kits:
    • Adds a safe shutdown to gas supply in the event of gas supply interruption or flame out
    • Uses standing pilot, which add ease to lighting main burner
    • Manual flame height adjustability
    • Numerous kit configurations for easy and flexible installations

Click to see all Millivolt Kits
  • Millivolt Kits:
    • Adds safe shutdown of gas supply, with ease of wall switch or remote control operation
    • Manual as well as remote flame height adjustment (select millivolt kits)
    • Great for ignition replacement for fireplace inserts
    • Remote control capable

Click to see all Electronic Ignition Kits
  • Electronic Ignition Kits:
    • No standing pilot, unlike safety pilots or millivolt kits, pilot shuts off when unit is shut down (IPI) saving energy used for the pilot.
    • Battery operated kits or kits supplied with 120v
    • 120v units can be used in conjunction with home automation systems.
    • Remote control capable

Click to see all Remote Control Kits
  • Remote Control Kits:
    • Add to any millivolt kit or electronic ignition kit, to operate burner hands free
    • On/Off units Turns main burner on or off no temperature set points
    • Programmable units. Room temperature set points for added energy savings
    • Battery operated receivers or 120v

Along with these ignition kits HPC f also offers a full array of replacement components from simple pilot assemblies, to valves, and everything in-between. Visit our website for our full line of indoor kits and replacement components.

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