What to look for when dealing with Gas Fire Pit Gas Lines?

In today's HPC Fire Inspired™ Tech Talk we are going to talk about the proper planning of gas lines for your gas fire pits. There are many factors that go into a successful gas fire pit installation, but proper planning of the gas line is arguably the most important.

Here are 5 key components to consider when planning (line type and size) distance of gas source to fire pit:

  1. Proper gas system pressure
  2. Type of Gas
  3. Maximum required BTU of Appliance
  4. Length of run from meter to appliance
  5. Type of Piping

You will also want to remember the following points during the planning of your fire pit gas lines:

20lb. BBQ LP Tanks, Verify Small Tank Certified

Remember, HPC has a full line (400+ products) that are CSA Certified as well as a full team of NFI Certified Technicians that can help you design and/or troubleshoot your gas fire pits. You can relax around your gas fire pits knowing that you are following the guidelines laid out in these HPC Fire Inspired™ Tech Talks.

Check back next week when we talk about the safety of our Electronic Ignition (EI) units!
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