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Tech Talks - Certification vs. Compliance

What is CSA Certified and why is it better than "tested in compliance"?

This week's HPC Fire Inspired™ Tech Talk is going to focus on Certification vs. Compliance, and the importance between the two.Gas fire pits add so much to outdoor environments, whether in residential or commercial applications as they become the irresistible focal point of its environment.However, anytime that you are dealing with gas fire pits, there is potential for danger if the proper safety precautions are not taken.

There is one standard that ensures that a fire pit has been thoroughly tested by an accredited testing laboratory to meet specified safety and performance requirements.The standards are CSA 2.41-2014 (Canada)/ANSI Z21.97-2014 (US), Outdoor decorative gas appliances.The standard was developed by Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and as overseen by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).CSA is the most qualified and well known certifying body for fuel powered appliances.

Why is CSA CERTIFIED Important?

  • Only fire pits that are tested to, and meet, the standard can wear the symbol of the testing organization certifying that, indeed, the fire pit meets the standard:
    • There are many companies that say that there products are "tested in compliance" with the ANSI Z21.97-2014, meaning that they have not been certified by the CSA organization and cannot bear the logos above.
  • When a fire pit is tested by CSA and is certified to meet the standard, you can be assured it will live up to the safety and performance promises of the manufacturer.
  • CSA Certification provides Dealer, Consumer, and Inspector confidence!!!
Does my fire pit need to be CSA Certified (YES) or can I get away with "tested in compliance" (NO) with…
  • A fire pit that has not been properly tested and certified may pose a greater risk of malfunctioning, causing harm or death to users and their guests
  • Another possible scenario is when a non-certified fire pit malfunctions and causes damage to the user's or surrounding property
  • In such cases, insurance companies will likely deny claims due to use of a faulty non-certified appliance, shifting the burden of out-of-pocket costs to the owner of the fire pit
HPC has over 400+ CSA Certified products, leading the industry in SAFETY and INNOVATION!!!
  • PENTA Burner/Round Ring
  • Linear, H-Burners
  • Bowl, Flat, Troughs ,Rectangle
  • Electronic Ignition Inserts (HWI)
  • Manual Spark Ignition Inserts (FPPK)
  • Match Lit Inserts (MLFPK)
  • Electronic Ignition (EI)
  • Evolution 360 Water Pit Series
Check back next week when we talk about fire pits and the importance of NFI Certification! ​
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