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Tech Talks - New ANSI Standard

New Updates to ANSI Standard, And What they Mean to HPC Fire Inspired Appliances​

As the outdoor fire feature industry grows, so does the standard and testing procedures for certified appliances. This HPC Fire Inspired Tech Talk will hit on a few of the changes made to ANSI standard Z21.97 and how it effects our appliances and more importantly our customers.

As of January 2020 all appliances certified to Z21.97 must comply with the new standard changes. HPC Fire Inspired has been testing and assembling certified appliances to the new standard since the release of our new EI units. Below are some of the key changes in testing and what they mean to the industry and more importantly the consumer.

Wind test: As of 2020 ANSI standard testing as part of Z21.97. All HPC Fire Inspired certified appliances are subject to a 10 MPH wind, and must ignite pilot and burner under 10mph wind conditions. The appliance is then subjected to a 31mph wind (simulate gust) during operation, and must shutdown safely, or remain operating under such wind gusts. This is to confirm the appliance is safe to operate outdoors, and in certain harsh conditions. HPC Fire Inspired certified appliances passed this wind test and shut down properly or remained operating.

Rain Test: Per the new standard testing, all appliances are subjected to a simulated rain storm for 13 minutes, and after the simulated test the unit must operate normally, (ignition, and flame sensing). Once the appliance is ignited normally it is allowed to operate for 15 minutes and then subjected to another simulated rain. The unit must shut down safety or remain in operation during the second simulated rain storm.

Temperature Testing: All HPC Fire Inspired appliances undergo heat testing. This is not only component testing but clearance and material testing as well. Units are installed per the manufacturer's instructions and subjected to the heat test. The unit must operate safely or shutdown (thermal limit) per manufactures testing. Combustible clearance is tested as well. This verifies manufacture's clearance to combustibles is safe when installed and operated per the manufacture's installation instructions and clearances.

Although most of the new standard has changes to labeling and wording, the most important change to the ANSI Standard Z21.97, is the new testing procedure. The new standard testing ensures to our consumers and dealers, a safe operating appliance for outdoor use. Most of the new standards are testing procedures for the appliances. Our most important goal at HPC Fire Inspired, to deliver a SAFE outdoor appliance to the consumer. Working with CSA and the new testing procedures, ensures the consumer will have reliable and SAFE outdoor appliance for many years to come.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to any one of our NFI Certified Technicians.

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