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Tech Talk - Proper Remote Fire Pit Installation

Why Proper Remote Control Installation Matters?

HPC Fire Inspired™ Tech Talk this week is going to focus on fire pit remotes, specifically conveniences, concerns, and proper installation. The one focal point that HPC would like you to take from this article is that all fire pits MUST installed with a simple on/off wall switch installed in the 120v circuit to avoid unwanted ignition to pit.

First let's take a look at the conveniences that a remote offers:

  • Ease of operation. Single button operation of electronic ignition fire pit
  • Easy installation. No wiring into equipment components
  • Easy future upgrade. Can be added at any time to any 120v fire pit
Even with the conveniences offered above, there still are some concerns associated:

  • Installed incorrectly can wick moisture/water into receiver and damage the receiver
  • Losing the transmitter. Common issue, and entire remote must be replaced
  • Operates on RF (radio frequency) and can be on same frequency as garage doors, key fobs and other RF equipment
  • RF can't penetrate some thicker stone/masonry. If no ventilation openings signal can't reach receiver

However, with proper installation there is no reason to not gather around your fire pit and enjoy the good times:

  • To avoid the above safety concern all HPC fire pits MUST installed with a simple on/off wall switch installed in the 120v circuit. Thus the circuit can be turned off when not in use and no risk of unwanted ignition to fire pit
  • With the wall switch in place the circuit can be shut off enabling the remote receiver. The remote receiver will not be able to provide power to fire pit if the circuit is turned off
  • The receiver must be installed on inside wall of enclosure. The remote cannot be placed on grade or any place where the receiver may wick water or be flooded
  • Proper ventilation openings on enclosure allows RF signal to reach receiver in some thicker sidewall installations

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to any one of our NFI Certified Technicians.

Check back next week when we talk about 20lb LP gas fire pits!

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