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Tech Talk - Electronic Ignition Operation Controls ON/OFF vs. HI/LO

HPC Fire Inspired™ Tech Talk this week is going to shed some light on the operational differences between the ON/OFF units and the HI/LO Units. Our NFI Certified Tech Team frequently takes calls from customers with confusion about how to operate the units once installed because of the many differences between the two units, so let's start with simple ON/OFF electronic ignition units.

The EI ON/OFF units can be operated by simply opening and closing the circuit that provides power to the unit. Below are a few popular options, but all will need the safety of a wall switch as master control.

  • Key fab RF remote control
    • Easy to install
    • Great for residential applications
  • Timer wired into circuit
    • Great for commercial/multi-family projects, or where multiple users have access to the fire feature.
  • Home Automation Systems
    • Typically the circuit is opened and closed with the use of relays installed into circuit and operated through the automation panel
      • This option will only work with the ON/OFF units
Now, let's look at the HI/LO units. Keep in mind, the HI/LO units CANNOT be incorporated into an automation system. Which means there are only 2 ways to operate the HI/LO units.
  • Bluetooth Remote Control
    • HPC supplied with every HI/LO
    • Operates both on-off, and flame height control
    • Easily synced to each fire pit
  • HPC Bluetooth phone/tablet APP
    • Operates all fire feature functions
    • Incorporates timer control
    • Provides diagnostic information, run time and can sync to multiple units
As you can see there are many operational differences between the two units. However, keep in mind that the ON/OFF units can be operated by simply opening and closing the circuit and can be used in a home automation system. While the HI/LO units can only be operated with the remote or the app. If you remember these points, then selecting the proper fire feature for your customer and their application will be quick and easy.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to any of our NFI Certified Technicians.

Check back next week when we talk about the new OUTDOOR GAS FIREPLACES!
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