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Webinar - CSA and NFI Certification and what it means to you

Fire InspiredTM Webinar Series


SAFETY – HPC's Commitment to safety is second to none!!!

Why HPC?

Choosing HPC gets you the benefit of the most innovative and SAFEST products on the market

Over 400+ CSA Certified products

Full team of NFI Certified technicians here to support your design, install, and troubleshoot any issues you might have

SAFETY – Gas Fire Pits

Gas fire pits add so much to outdoor environments, whether in residential or commercial applications.

The fire pit becomes an irresistible focal point of its environment and allows users to take advantage of outdoor spaces for more hours in the day, more days in the year.

When planning to add a fire pit to your setting, there are many considerations:

fire pit size, shape, BTU output, ignition system, and more.

All of these variables can be discussed with a landscape architect or installation professional to ensure you have the right fire pit for your intended use. And all of these pros will recommend that the fire pit insert you choose meets critical safety and performance standards.

SAFETY – Gas Fire Pit Typical Safety Checks

Installed by licensed professional to meet local codes and inspections

Shut off manual gas valve when not in use

Supply to the enclosure must have an approved shut-off valve and must be located where it can be easily accessed

Shut off electric when not in use (electronic models) Electrical connections should be through a GFCI outlet controlled by wall switch or breaker, for remote controlled and/or insert.

Visually inspect before each use (clean and free of debris)

Annual Inspection by professional

SAFETY – What is CSA?

Gas fire pits, by nature, can pose serious hazards to users.

That is why the Canadian Standards Association CSA and American National Standards Institute ANSI publish the harmonized standard of CSA 2.41-2014/ANSI Z21.97-2014, Outdoor decorative gas appliances.

This standard is intended to ensure that a fire pit has been thoroughly tested by an accredited testing laboratory to meet specified safety and performance requirements.

CSA is the most qualified and well known certifying body for fuel powered appliances.

SAFETY – Why is CSA CERTIFIED Important?

Fire pits that are tested to, and meet, the standard can wear the symbol of the testing organization certifying that, indeed, the fire pit meets the standard

When a fire pit is tested by either CSA or UL and is certified to meet the standard, you can be assured it will live up to the safety and performance promises of the manufacturer.

CSA Certification provides Dealer, Consumer, and Inspector confidence!!!

SAFETY – CSA CERTIFIED vs. "Tested In Compliance"

Does my fire pit need to be CSA Certified (YES) or can I get away with "tested in compliance" (NO) with…

A fire pit that has not been properly tested and certified may pose a greater risk of malfunctioning, causing harm or death to users and their guests

Another possible scenario is when a non-certified fire pit malfunctions and causes damage to the user's or surrounding property

In such cases, insurance companies will likely deny claims due to use of a faulty non-certified appliance, shifting the burden of out-of-pocket costs to the owner of the fire pit


HPC has over 400+ CSA Certified products, leading the industry in SAFETY and INNOVATION!!!

PENTA Burner/Round Ring

Linear, H-Burners

Bowl, Flat, Troughs ,Rectangle

Electronic Ignition Inserts (HWI)

Manual Spark Ignition Inserts (FPPK)

Match Lit Inserts (MLFPK)

Electronic Ignition (EI)

Evolution 360 Water Pit Series

SAFETY – What is NFI?

The National Fireplace Institute® (NFI) is the professional certification division of the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Education Foundation (HPBEF), a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization for the hearth industry

NFI's objective is to increase public safety by establishing meaningful credentials for professionals involved in planning and installing residential hearth appliances and venting systems

SAFETY – What are NFI Certified benefits?

Building officials prefer to work with certified contractors who have demonstrated their commitment to professional excellence

Manufacturers prefer qualified installers because they know their products are more likely to be installed correctly

Consumers feel more confident hiring certified specialists because of their experience and knowledge

HPC has a full team of NFI Certified Technicians to support these Builders, Manufacturers, and Consumers

SAFETY – Why NFI Certify?

Customers Are Demanding It…

Manufacturers Recommend It…

NFI Certification is recommended by the Environment Protection Agency…

More efficient employees…

Being NFI Certified is an excellent selling point to customers by giving them the extra comfort knowing that they are dealing with a technician and a retailer that is not just meeting their expectations, but EXCEEDING them.


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