While many hardscape and landscape contractors are planning spring cleanups and new construction projects, we recommend that you add spring fire pit maintenance to your lists. Like any appliance, routine maintenance ensures that fire pits are safe and trouble-free. Plus, seasonal maintenance provides contractors with recurring revenue opportunities.

Hearth Products Controls recommends that a professional -- one who is certified in the U.S. by the National Fireplace Institute -- service gas fire pits annually.

Prior to starting a gas fire pit for the first time in the spring, here are a few things to do and check to ensure the fire pit is ready for service:

Figure 1.1 shows the location of the orifice for cleaning.
Figure 1.2 – Pilot flame coverage of thermocouple
Figure 1.3 – Cleaning the pilot orifice
Figure 1.4 – Applying media to the fire pit

These simple tips can add up to having a safe and trouble-free season around the fire pit!