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National S'mores Day (Aug. 10)

On national s'mores day there are a lot of people posting pictures of s'mores and exchanging recipes, yes there are many ways to make them. But this is a day of remembering your childhood or making an everlasting memory in a child with those delicious campfire snacks. S'mores have been a staple in American and Canadian culture, like a megaphone inviting all of your friends together, laughing, talking and just enjoying everyone being together. That is what this day means to us, family and friends gathering outside around a fire pit to share stories and to reconnect to the great outdoors.

If you are celebrating national s'mores day here are some facts about this ooey gooey treat:
  • No one knows who made the original s'more
  • First known publication of s'mores were 1920 citing that the recipe was already popular with the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts

If you are looking for some variations on the treat we have that for you as well.

Have a great National S'mores Day!

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