Want to give your patio or outdoor room some extra oo-la-la? Consider adding a fire pit dining table or Tiki Torches to make the space --and your evenings -- extra memorable. 

Fire Tables

One of the emerging trends in outdoor dining is the fire table. With a built-in fire pit in the center of the table, today's contemporary fire tables create one-of-a-kind visual impact and ambiance, while offering the functionality of a heat source for cool evenings.

Available in a variety of fire-resistant materials, including glass-fiber reinforced concrete and tile, tables typically range in size from a standard dining table height of 30" to a 42" bar table height designed for people to sit or stand around. The choice of table materials is important: keeping the surface around the ire pit cool is a must.

The tables' central fire pit runs on either LP or NG; hard piped from the houses NG or directly ran from the Propane tank. Heat generated can range from 49,000 BTUs to 75,000 BTUs, depending on the manufacturer model. In many cases, flame height is manually controllable so it can be turned down during dining.

Tiki Torches

Want to instantly transport your backyard or patio into a tropical paradise? Tiki Torches are the way to go. These permanent or portable torches add an exotic touch that is both relaxing and enjoyable. The breathtaking fire effect can be created with either Liquid Propane or Natural Gas.

Here at HPC, we offer match lit TK Torches. The torches are tremendous user convenience: no more picking up fuel or filling with messy oils or gel. Plus they're intrinsically safe.

Here are few more features of our TK Torches:

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