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Fall Fire Pit Maintenance

Labor Day has come and gone, summer has snuck by us again. But it is that time of year when nights will start getting cooler and there is nothing better than sitting around the outdoor fire pit with family and friends. Even a gas fire pit may need some seasonal maintenance.

Just like your gas grill, check all gas connections periodically with a soap and water solution for gas leaks. Make sure there is no foreign debris in the burner area, leaves, rocks and in my case the grandkids little match box cars. Some foreign material can pop and crack when heated and become projectiles. Make sure the drains and vents are not clogged up. No critters living underneath the enclosure.

The picture shows a simple match lit, during the day the flame may not look like much, but as you can see the nights darkness shows a dramatic difference. Watch your Surroundings, the key valve does not have to be open all the way to achieve the effect or ambiance.

Enjoy your evening but keep it safe.

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