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This is a new venture for HPC. We were looking for another avenue to get information out to our dealers and distributors. Whether it is technical, catalog updates or some information you may just find useful.

Bumpy and Greenie

Once there was a brother and sister named Ian and Addison. They enjoyed all sorts of adventures. Each morning they would explore the great outdoors together. On one particular morning, they peered out their window into their backyard and saw something in their pool. They quickly put on their shoes, grabbed their nets and buckets and headed out. They approached the pool with caution as they didn't want to spook the creature. Ian slowly scooped up the critter. They examined it closely. It was green and brown and its skin was bumpy. Ian exclaimed, "Hey Addison it's a toad!" They were so excited and reassured the little guy that he was safe. All of a sudden the toad made a very loud sound. Ian and Addison looked at each other. "Did you hear that?" they exclaimed in unison. Addison said, "I swear he said help me!" The toad began to speak, and Ian and Addison couldn't believe their ears! The toad asked for their help, because his frog friend was stuck in the skimmer! He had fallen in while trying to help his friend but couldn't find his way out! Ian rushed to the skimmer and sure enough, his frog friend was stuck. Ian gently scooped him releasing his back leg. The frog croaked, uttering "thank you!" Ian, startled, said "you can speak too?!" The toad introduced himself to the kids, "I go by Bumpy and this is my friend Greenie. We are pleased to meet you and grateful for your help." The children were amazed and began asking a stream of questions. They talked and talked learning about one another. Bumpy and Greenie needed to get back home but promised to visit again soon! Ian and Addison couldn't wait to tell their latest adventures to their parents. Later that night as their family gathered by the fire they told their parents all about Bumpy and Greenie.

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Bumpy and Greenie “Friends Helping Friends”
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