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Bumpy and Greenie “Friends Helping Friends”

Ian and Addison were awoken by loud croaks; this could only mean one thing! Bumpy and Greenie had come back for a visit. The children rushed to their window and sure enough, their friends were in a tree. Bumpy and Greenie greeted the children. Then, Greenie invited them to a nearby pond to meet some of their friends. Ian and Addison were thrilled! "We would love to!" the children exclaimed. They quickly got dressed, packed some essentials and were on their way. Bumpy hopped on Addison's shoulder while Greenie climbed on Ian's. As they hiked Bumpy and Greenie shared who they would be meeting. The children would be meeting Mr. Shelley the turtle and Draco the dragonfly. Finally, they had arrived! Mr. Shelley was sunbathing on a large log, while Draco was buzzing around the reeds. Bumpy and Greenie introduced their friends to one another. They were all so pleased to meet each other. Mr. Shelley cleared his throat and asked the children for their help. "I was hoping you two might assist us, you see some campers were near our home and left litter all around the pond. Could you please help us get our home clean once again?" The children were saddened that the campers were so thoughtless and agreed to help remove the trash. With everyone working together, the pond was back to its pristine state. Mr. Shelley and Draco were so grateful for the children's kindness. The friends parted as it was time for the children to return home. Draco told the children that they would love to have them back. Ian and Addison thanked them for welcoming them and assured their new friends that they would be back soon. The children gathered their packs as well as the trash and headed towards home. Upon their arrival, they were greeted by their parents. "Where were you two all day?" The children requested that they have some family time by their fire pit as they had so much to share. Their father started the fire pit while their mother fixed a nice meal. There they gathered sharing about their day. The children's parents were so proud of their kindness. They praised Ian and Addison and enjoyed each other by the light of the fire.

Bumpy and Greenie
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