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This is a new venture for HPC. We were looking for another avenue to get information out to our dealers and distributors. Whether it is technical, catalog updates or some information you may just find useful.

A Bumpy and Greenie Halloween

It was Halloween night. Ian and Addison were so excited to go trick or treat, because Bumpy and Greenie were going to join in on the fun! They had been preparing their costumes all month. Ian is a warlock and will have bumpy along for the ride. Addison is a witch and will have Greenie with her. Their doorbell rings, it's some of their friends Hadley, Harry and Huck. They welcome them in for a yummy Halloween treat. They introduce their friends to Bumpy and Greenie, while they all enjoy their snack. They all decide to go together on their planned Halloween route. Before heading out, their parents review safety rules and hand out flashlights. They all agree to meet back at the house to enjoy a nice fire and sort their candy. House after house they ring the bell, exclaim trick or treat and thank everyone. Along the way, Bumpy and Greenie see a couple friends. First, they run into Mr. Owl. Mr. Owl enjoyed all the children's costumes and he wished the children well. They thank Mr. Owl and Wish him a Happy Halloween. The children continued to enjoy their time together when all of a sudden they realized they made a wrong turn. They used their flashlights to look at their route but realize they are lost. Then Mr. Bat flies overhead. Bumpy and Greenie call to him. The children explain what their home looks like and that there would be a bright fire in their back yard. He flies high and immediately sees the brightly lit fire. He shared his aerial view and helped the children back on their way. The children were grateful and thanked Mr. Bat. Lastly he reminded them to be safe and stay together. The children make their way home and head back to the fire to warm themselves, sort their candy and enjoy friendship. They were greeted by their parents and they all shared the story of their adventure.

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