In preparation for next month's HPBExpo in Dallas, our engineering crew has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on display models of our new products, and the marketing team has been busy making sure the products will be displayed in their best light. We don't want to spill the beans yet on what we have in store, but here are a few teasers.... Outdoor Fireplace Burners.... RTF Enclosures that can fit a 20-lb LP tank.... Bluetooth interactive display.... A Spark Ignition Kit so your customers can light their HPC match-lit fire pit without scrounging around to find their butane lighter.... and much, much more. Visit us at Booth 1015. We look forward to seeing you there.

Did You Know?

Did you know that you can customize our RCK Series Remote Controls with your store logo? Your customers will think of you every time they light their gas hearth product. Great advertising, free for the asking.

New "Feet on the Street"

We keep adding to our illustrious band of Sales Representatives. Here are our latest additions:

Jim Gillick of AquaQuest

AquaQuest, based in Pennsylvania and owned by Jim Gillick, will call on Pool & Spa dealers and builders throughout the Northeast US.

Bruce Richards (right) with his BDR crew

BDR, based in Houston and owned by Bruce Richards, will call on Pool & Spa dealers and builders throughout the Texas area.

Welcome aboard Jim and Bruce!

A Fine "How-Do-You-Do"

A couple weeks ago, HPC's new Chief Operating Officer Sean Steimle showed a unique way of introducing himself to everyone at his new place of employment – he made and served lunch for everybody at the plant. Along with his wife, Rachel, Sean (donning his favorite apron) served homemade lasagna, veggies, buns and salad to all HPC employees. It was scrumptious.

Meanwhile, at the Doctor's Office . . . .

When HPC's Product Engineer Mike Burrell had a recent routine physical exam, his doctor, to break an awkward silence, made small talk. "He asked me where I work," Mike relates. "I said HPC, and he went on for five minutes about the 36" Penta fire pit he had installed at his new house. He said to let the people there know it's a great product, that he enjoys it immensely, and that it's worth every penny. And then he got back to his exam."