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This is a new venture for HPC. We were looking for another avenue to get information out to our dealers and distributors. Whether it is technical, catalog updates or some information you may just find useful.

A Bumpy and Greenie Halloween

It was Halloween night. Ian and Addison were so excited to go trick or treat, because Bumpy and Greenie were going to join in on the fun! They had been preparing their costumes all month. Ian is a warlock and will have bumpy along for the ride. Addison is a witch and will have Greenie with her. Their doorbell rings, it's some of their ...
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Bumpy and Greenie “Friends Helping Friends”

Ian and Addison were awoken by loud croaks; this could only mean one thing! Bumpy and Greenie had come back for a visit. The children rushed to their window and sure enough, their friends were in a tree. Bumpy and Greenie greeted the children. Then, Greenie invited them to a nearby pond to meet some of their friends. Ian and Addison we...
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Bumpy and Greenie

Once there was a brother and sister named Ian and Addison. They enjoyed all sorts of adventures. Each morning they would explore the great outdoors together. On one particular morning, they peered out their window into their backyard and saw something in their pool. They quickly put on their shoes, grabbed their nets and buckets and he...
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