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This is a new venture for HPC. We were looking for another avenue to get information out to our dealers and distributors. Whether it is technical, catalog updates or some information you may just find useful.

Why Kiosks and Display Stands Work in Retail

Kiosk's and display stands showcase product and interact with the store customer in a very engaging way. Walk into any store and you will see applications of kiosks or display stands, they stand out and engage the consumer. It is interesting, informative and different. Kiosk's and display stands also offer another opportunity to the re...
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5 Plants to keep Mosquitoes off you around the fire pit

Mosquitoes are unpleasant to say the least, they are annoying at best and the scratchy bite they leave behind can drive you up a wall. Understanding how they hatch and hunt can help you rid your backyard of these pests. First things first, get rid of any stagnate or standing water right off the bat. Mosquitoes use pools of non-moving w...
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How to make money through the winter in the outdoor and pool industries

In the Hardscape and Pool industries, winter marks the slow season in many parts of the U.S. and Canada, but there are still opportunities to pursue. Take this time to catch up with residents and company owners you have done business with in the past. Determine if there are changes needed to the initial design? Have they...
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How to grill all Fall

The pools are closed, the leaves are turning and the days are becoming shorter. That means heartier meals sitting around the fire pit and pulling out the hoodies where I am from. This also means almost everything cooked in my household is done almost 100% on a grill with friends and family taking advantage of the last days we can spend...
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National S'mores Day (Aug. 10)

On national s'mores day there are a lot of people posting pictures of s'mores and exchanging recipes, yes there are many ways to make them. But this is a day of remembering your childhood or making an everlasting memory in a child with those delicious campfire snacks. S'mores have been a staple in American and Canadian culture, like a ...
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