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This is a new venture for HPC. We were looking for another avenue to get information out to our dealers and distributors. Whether it is technical, catalog updates or some information you may just find useful.

Fire-Based Extras for Sensational Impact

Want to give your patio or outdoor room some extra oo-la-la? Consider adding a fire pit dining table or Tiki Torches to make the space --and your evenings -- extra memorable. Fire TablesOne of the emerging trends in outdoor dining is the fire table. With a built-in fire pit in the center of the table, today's contemporary fire tab...
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Outdoor Fire Effects: Placement and Seating that make the Setting

Outdoor fire pits and fireplaces are natural gathering spots, so how you incorporate yours into the landscape – where you put it and what you surround it with – are important considerations when you're creating a backyard space that can serve multiple functions. Before you begin your planning, be sure to check with your town or ci...
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Employee Appreciation Grilled Breakfast

The summer is heating up and so is the workload. Which is why we like to do Employee Appreciation days here at HPC. We could order some pizzas or simply have someone deliver food to our facility, but that would not be HPC. We strive to go above and beyond every day, with the products we engineer and with the respect and admiration...
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The Top 4 Things to Know About Gas Fire Pit Instilation

Backyard fire features add beauty and warmth to any landscape project, there are design factors to consider before including a fire feature into your project. Gas type, shape, size ignition type and location (clearance) of feature are the main checklist to think through before purchasing your fire pit.ConstructionFire pits add beauty and warmt...
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Outside Around the Fire Feature: Drinks to Sip, Games to Play

Great rooms are great (and aptly named) but nothing beats the great outdoors. Especially when sitting around a gas fire feature. With no wood to tend, flying sparks to avoid, or smoke to rub out of your eyes, there's nothing but time to enjoy the night and the company. But should conversation lag, here are some fun ways to pass the tim...
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Outdoor Fire Effects: Why Customers are Lining up for Linear

One of the hottest looks to hit outdoor fire feature design in recent years is linear. For those who love contemporary clean lines, the modern aesthetic of the long rectangular flame hits home. But even for the more traditional, the linear fire feature has a strong appeal. Here's why. Open Flames Warm Evenings, ConversationsNothing beat...
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Evolution 360 Water Pit Series

The Evolution 360 Series has won two Vesta Awards at the HPBExpo for Best Outdoor Hearth Product and Best in Show!HPC has been selling the ambiance of fire through being the leader in Fire Pit Inserts for many years with our wide range of shapes, sizes, and technologies. What better way to compliment fire than to add the elegance and s...
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Fall Fire Pit Maintenance

Labor Day has come and gone, summer has snuck by us again. But it is that time of year when nights will start getting cooler and there is nothing better than sitting around the outdoor fire pit with family and friends. Even a gas fire pit may need some seasonal maintenance.Just like your gas grill, check all gas connections periodicall...
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Gas Fire Pit Enclosure Ventilation

Hearth Product Controls (HPC) specializes in fire pit inserts. In order to have a successful installation of an insert you must build the proper enclosure, which means, ensure good drainage, meet product clearances and understand ventilation requirements. An HPC fire pit insert is different than a fire table. An insert is a permanent i...
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Installation and Safety

Periodically we receive a call or have a product returned from a fire pit installation, that a gas leak is mentioned. We take this very seriously. If you suspect a leak, shut off the safety valve to the appliance and do not use the appliance until a certified professional has given the all clear. We suggest that our products be installed by profess...
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