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Gas Fireplace Safety Pilot Kits / Repair

LP Conversion Kits– Safety Pilot Valve

These conversion kits are used to convert a natural gas fireplace to a liquid propane fireplace. They come with vermiculite which is used as a base inside the burner pan to prevent gas pooling.


For use with 3/8” systems
Includes:  vermiculite, air mixer/orifice, 2 LP pilot orifices

Model # / Gas / Description

70LPK / LP / LP Conversion Kit


For use with 70PKN-HC

Model # / Gas / Description

70LPK-HC / LP / LP Conversion Kit – High Capacity


For use with 72PKNQM, 80PKNQM, 81PKNQM & 91PKNQM

Model # / Gas / Description

70LPK-QM / LP / Latch Tap Kit – Quick Mount

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