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The New and Improved Electronic Ignition High-Low Models Create Convenience with the Touch of Your Phone

Improved remote convenience with a touch of your phone!

HPC’s Electronic Ignition (EI) High-Low fire pits come with a built-in antenna for reliable connection to Apple® and Android™ phones via our free Bluetooth app, enabling easy fire pit control from as far away as 20 feet.

Integrated safety
The EI High-Low line’s safety features surpass those of any CSA-certified fire pit inserts on the market, and include:

  • HPC’s flame-sensing technology- Shuts down the fire pit when the flame is lost, then relights it automatically.
  • Internal timer- Enables users to conveniently program when the fire pit will shut off.
  • Auto shut-off- Shuts down the fire pit when you forget to.


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Commercial user enhancements

In addition to the groundbreaking convenience and safety features for homeowners, the EI High-Low series offers enhanced functionality for commercial applications, too.

  • Multi-operator access- With a simple pass code, users can assign control authority to anyone with a compatible device.
  • Multiple fire pit control- In settings with numerous fire pits, each one can be named and its operation individually controlled, including shut-off time.
  • Self diagnostics- EI High-Low fire pits monitor shut-downs and other events then provide user reports with corrective actions.

Learn more about HPC’s IE High-Low fire pit inserts, where convenience and safety are built in.

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